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Saeco Aulika Focus Coffee Machine
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Saeco Aulika Mid Espresso Machine

Saeco Aulika Mid Espresso Machine

Price: AED 5,913.00

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Saeco Aulika Top Espresso Machine

Saeco Aulika Top Espresso Machine

Price: AED 6,928.02

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Falcon - UAE National Bird

The national bird of the UAE is a falcon which symbolizes grace, pride, strength and courage.

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Nathalie Lete exclusive Godiva designs Dubai, UAE

Godiva has scoured the globe to introduce the new Chef Collection, a 'world adventure' in chocolate in one elegant box.

Our five esteemed international chocolatier's have each created an exquisite chocolate inspired by a region of the world, so that Godiva customers can taste the world without having to traverse it.

The finest ingredients have been sourced from each far-flung region to conjure up that part of the world in one perfect chocolate mouthful. The regions are Africa, the USA, China, Belgium, Brazil and Japan.

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